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What Makes A Woman Cheat On Her Husband?

People assume that men cheat on their wives for various reasons. But, what makes a woman cheat on her husband? This is a question that isn't asked nearly as often. Part of the reason is that people in the past have believed that women only cheat on rare occasions. We're learning, in this enlightened age, that women are almost equal opportunity adulterers.

But, what is it that would lead a woman to risk her family and her marriage by cheating?


Attention. The number one thing that the "other man" has in his arsenal is that he pays attention to her when she's feeling a little bit sidelined at home. Men are often considered the breadwinners in the family. They go out and work. They devote a lot of time, energy, and effort to their careers. This leaves the woman at home alone or with the children while he's working his way up the corporate ladder or putting in overtime hours in hopes of better pay to provide for the family. By the time he gets home he has a moment or two to pay attention to the children before he buries his head in the television or computer or passes out altogether. All the other man has to do to turn her head is ask about her day and really listen to her answer.

Appreciation. How many mornings does your wife get up early and brew the coffee just the way you like it? Does she pack a lunch for your to take to work? Does she have dinner ready each night when you get home? How about taking care of the kids? Does she do all the after school practices, teacher meetings, and other activities without complaining? When was the last time you told her how much you appreciate all these little things she does for you and your family day in and day out? The other man only needs to show the slightest bit of appreciation and he has her attention.

Anticipation. You love your wife, right? When was the last time you made her feel well and truly loved by you? Intimacy and passion are important in every relationship. How long has it been since you've fanned those flames? All he has to do is remind her of all the feelings that she's swept aside while waiting for you to notice. It's all there right beneath the surface but it's been buried or covered up for so long that she's forgotten. When the other man comes along and starts stirring up the fire and fanning the flames it spells trouble for your happy home. Give her something to look forward to so that she isn't tempted by what the "other guy" has to offer instead.

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