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How to Get Your Ex Back

Your ex-boyfriend or partner may be the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. Since he is no longer with you, chances are he will not jump out of your TV screen and he won’t turn up miraculously from under your duvet cover!

Do you ever sit around, feeling sorry for yourself asking; when am I going get my ex back?

Is everyone happily married, or in a relationship, except for me?

If you spend your time moaning to your friends about your ex, and telling them how much he has hurt you - it is time for you to make some big changes!

Virginia's Love Secrets - How to Get Your Ex Back plan


Secret 1

During the break-up period with your ex he may have telephoned you occasionally, out of the blue; it’s now very important to keep any conversations that you have with him, to a minimum.

Secret 2

If your ex partner wants your attention, he will now have to work hard for it. For instance, he may start phoning you; because you are not chasing anymore. He might call you, to find out if you are all right; asking you how you are coping with the breakup, or even better, he is already missing you!

Never be tempted to talk to your ex on the telephone; listening to his problems, or telling him just how heartbroken you are.

Secret 3


STOP ‘bad mouthing’ or talking about your ex to mutual friends you share. The best secret concerning shared friends is to give the appearance of being happy at all times in their presence, even if you do feel like breaking down and crying. Keep mutual friends second guessing about you and what’s going on in your life. After all they may still be communicating with your ex-partner. If that is the case - you can use them to your advantage to make sure he knows that you are not an emotional wreck, just because you are now no longer together.

Secret 4

STOP driving past the place where he is living or working. After all, you do not want to be accused of stalking him!

Secret 5

Do not make the mistake of texting or emailing him constantly. This will just have you shouting at your cell phone screen “Come on, answer”, or checking every few minutes for a reply from him.


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