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3 Unconventional Ways To Say Sorry

It’s normal for couples to have disagreements. In fact, psychologists say that all healthy relationships are bound to have their share of challenges. The important thing is for couples to know how to confront their problems and reach resolutions that will make the relationship stronger.

Of course, conflicts don’t disappear just like that. Each person has to know how to own up to his or her faults and say sorry. Here are three ways for to say sorry that will surely help you and your partner make amends:

1. Write a letter.
To make sure that you stay objective and you get to express what’s on your mind without being distracted by your partner’s reactions, it’s best to write down what you have to say. When you write a letter, you get to choose the best words to explain your actions. You even get to edit your words so that you can communicate your feelings more effectively. There’s very little chance of you being misunderstood when everything’s in writing. Even if you aren’t the one who at fault, you can also write a letter to explain how you feel to your partner.

2. Make the necessary move.
If your partner’s has a problem with you staying out until dawn with your friends, you can show him or her that you’re changing your ways by consistently going home early. Indeed, actions speak louder than words. Once your partner sees that you are making an effort to address his or her concerns, you will earn his or her trust. Though this may not be the cure for all your issues, it’s a clear indication that you are willing to drop your bad habits for him or her. It’s not about changing who you are. It’s about becoming a better and more responsible individual for your partner and for yourself.

3. Own up to your mistakes.
You have to take responsibility for all the things you did wrong, as well as the things you neglected to do. If you pretend that you didn’t do anything wrong or that nothing bad has happened, it makes the situation even worse. This is because your partner would still remember these things and he or she would probably express anger towards you in other ways. He or she may even resort to bringing up old issues even when you’re already discussing a completely different issue.

While saying sorry can make things better, you should not rely on it to fix everything that’s wrong.

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What Makes A Woman Cheat On Her Husband?

People assume that men cheat on their wives for various reasons. But, what makes a woman cheat on her husband? This is a question that isn't asked nearly as often. Part of the reason is that people in the past have believed that women only cheat on rare occasions. We're learning, in this enlightened age, that women are almost equal opportunity adulterers.

But, what is it that would lead a woman to risk her family and her marriage by cheating?


Attention. The number one thing that the "other man" has in his arsenal is that he pays attention to her when she's feeling a little bit sidelined at home. Men are often considered the breadwinners in the family. They go out and work. They devote a lot of time, energy, and effort to their careers. This leaves the woman at home alone or with the children while he's working his way up the corporate ladder or putting in overtime hours in hopes of better pay to provide for the family. By the time he gets home he has a moment or two to pay attention to the children before he buries his head in the television or computer or passes out altogether. All the other man has to do to turn her head is ask about her day and really listen to her answer.

Appreciation. How many mornings does your wife get up early and brew the coffee just the way you like it? Does she pack a lunch for your to take to work? Does she have dinner ready each night when you get home? How about taking care of the kids? Does she do all the after school practices, teacher meetings, and other activities without complaining? When was the last time you told her how much you appreciate all these little things she does for you and your family day in and day out? The other man only needs to show the slightest bit of appreciation and he has her attention.

Anticipation. You love your wife, right? When was the last time you made her feel well and truly loved by you? Intimacy and passion are important in every relationship. How long has it been since you've fanned those flames? All he has to do is remind her of all the feelings that she's swept aside while waiting for you to notice. It's all there right beneath the surface but it's been buried or covered up for so long that she's forgotten. When the other man comes along and starts stirring up the fire and fanning the flames it spells trouble for your happy home. Give her something to look forward to so that she isn't tempted by what the "other guy" has to offer instead.

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Making Your Marriage Work After An Affair

Picking up the pieces and making your marriage work after an affair is not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination. It will be much better for you if both parties are working together to make it happen though. This is one of those storms that your marriage simply is not going to weather unless both of you are willing to make it work.

What are some things you can do that will make it easier for both of you?


Get marriage counseling as a couple. You may also want to consider counseling separately but there is something about your marriage that is not right if you or your spouse has had an affair. People who are getting everything they need at home have no reason whatsoever to cheat. There is nothing the other woman or man can offer that cannot be gotten at home. Counseling will help you get to the bottom of the problem and may even help you verbalize sticky topics within the relationship that you would not be likely to discuss otherwise.

Talk to each other. Stony silences are not going to get you through these difficult times. This is a hard blow to any marriage but it's not unique to your marriage. The couples that survive are the ones that talk their way through the problem in order to find solutions that will work for both of them.

Start over from the beginning. Don't try to go on as though nothing has happened. This will mean nothing changes and you'll be right back in this same situation again if you aren't very careful. Go back to the beginning and rediscover the thrill of seeing your husband or wife at the end of the work day. Rediscover the excitement of being together and actually learn to look forward to seeing each other at the end of the day. Think about it, if you're looking forward to seeing your wife or husband at the end of the day are you really going to give another woman (or man as the case may be) a second glance?

Solve the problem. There is a problem in the relationship. Find out what it is and fix it. If you don't do this all the other efforts you make to turn your relationship around and save your marriage are really wasted efforts. Solving the problem will not only help you make your marriage work after an affair but it will also make your marriage stronger than ever before.

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When A Marriage Goes Bad

Marriage is not the easiest institution on Earth. If it were just you and your spouse locked away on some dessert island where there were no bills or other responsibilities to worry about than probably the marriage would last forever. It might get boring, but you wouldn’t have a choice - but to stick it out or spend your lifetime talking to apes. In the real world things aren’t so cut and dry and many people wake up one day to find themselves in a marriage that no longer adds any substance to their life. Worst case scenario, you would rather talk to apes!

Part of the blame for ending up in a failed marriage is your own immaturity. Before you set up house, have a hundred kids and worry about cutting grass and doing laundry you never imagine that such little things could get in the middle of that special love you feel. You are hopelessly optimistic and even though others might tell you to take your time or be careful, you won’t listen. You rush in, rush down the aisle and hurry to the first place that will make you feel like an adult. Then you realize it isn’t all its cracked up to be and that you are stuck with someone who doesn’t know how to make a bed, won’t make love to you and who would rather watch TV than go out. Then the bills come, the ones that pile up as a result of having to have everything grown up without really wanting to work for it. The kids come too and then you realize how you and your honey are so opposite it’s a wonder you ever got along to begin with. Basically, it’s difficult to prepare for something when you don’t know (or want to know) what to expect. Before you get married to someone you have no real idea how they feel about certain ingrained things like housework or raising children and aren’t privy to all their bad habits that resulted from years of being raised by a family aside from your own.

When a marriage goes bad it can be terrifying. Many people are just afraid to admit the failure of the situation and stay so they don’t have to hear I told you so. Others are committed monetarily and just feel stuck. Plenty others sort of know things are great but just keep hanging in there hoping that it will get better one day. Then it doesn’t. Marriage is one of those things that take constant attention and coddling. Drop the ball for one minute and suddenly the roof is caving in. Have one argument over who makes better coffee and you will unleash a world of criticism upon each other as a result of pent up frustration. Then what?

What comes next depends on your own beliefs about marriage as well as the real partnership that you and your partner have. If you want to work through it and your spouse doesn’t seem inertest you might as well spend your days banging your head against the wall. There are some couples who through thick and thin seem to be able to work things out and get over the hump by communicating with clarity that makes the stars jealous. Others hold it all in until they are so hurt and resentful there is no way they can find their back to that place where they love each other. While depressing and a bit of a letdown, you have plenty of life left ahead of you and wasting your time is a pitiful way to spend your time. “But we love each other” is a worthless excuse for staying in a marriage if there are no means of communication between the two of you. No matter how much love exists, it won’t work. You will wake up at 40 one day with the epiphany that you have just wasted a decade of your life.

None of this sounds that optimistic. The raw truth is that marriage changes as constantly and often as the seasons. The people who make it are the ones who can roll with the punches and let go of their dreams that Groundhog Day is a definite that spring is around the corner. You have to work at it and you have to be committed to the idea of marriage and the good things about your spouse in order to get through tough times. That same son of a gun you married is the one that just a few years ago you were defending to every one who told you he or she was worthless. If you can reach deep inside back to that spot, you will be able to grow up together and change your expectations thus changing your married life. If you can’t, then you have to chalk up the experience to a bad decision and learn from it.

The other thing many young couples don’t realize is that marriage can go bad one day and be beautiful again the next. There isn’t always instant gratification when it comes to marriage. But a bad marriage isn’t the end of the world. Far too many over dramatize the fact that getting out is the best option and end up dragging around baggage and unhappiness for decades. Greener pastures are always ahead when you look at things from a mature point of view or realize that while time may change some things it often doesn’t change people. If the marriage is bad and your life is unhappy, take responsibility, rebuke what others think and do what is right and best for your sanity, your family and your wellbeing. When you know better, you will do better.
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How to Get Your Ex Back

Your ex-boyfriend or partner may be the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. Since he is no longer with you, chances are he will not jump out of your TV screen and he won’t turn up miraculously from under your duvet cover!

Do you ever sit around, feeling sorry for yourself asking; when am I going get my ex back?

Is everyone happily married, or in a relationship, except for me?

If you spend your time moaning to your friends about your ex, and telling them how much he has hurt you - it is time for you to make some big changes!

Virginia's Love Secrets - How to Get Your Ex Back plan


Secret 1

During the break-up period with your ex he may have telephoned you occasionally, out of the blue; it’s now very important to keep any conversations that you have with him, to a minimum.

Secret 2

If your ex partner wants your attention, he will now have to work hard for it. For instance, he may start phoning you; because you are not chasing anymore. He might call you, to find out if you are all right; asking you how you are coping with the breakup, or even better, he is already missing you!

Never be tempted to talk to your ex on the telephone; listening to his problems, or telling him just how heartbroken you are.

Secret 3


STOP ‘bad mouthing’ or talking about your ex to mutual friends you share. The best secret concerning shared friends is to give the appearance of being happy at all times in their presence, even if you do feel like breaking down and crying. Keep mutual friends second guessing about you and what’s going on in your life. After all they may still be communicating with your ex-partner. If that is the case - you can use them to your advantage to make sure he knows that you are not an emotional wreck, just because you are now no longer together.

Secret 4

STOP driving past the place where he is living or working. After all, you do not want to be accused of stalking him!

Secret 5

Do not make the mistake of texting or emailing him constantly. This will just have you shouting at your cell phone screen “Come on, answer”, or checking every few minutes for a reply from him.


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What to Do If you Happen to Fall in Love With Two Men at the Same Time

if you are finding yourself torn between two men, this can be a very tough time for you. You will have a lot of questions that you are going to have to ask yourself and take the time to carefully sort through them to figure out what is right for you. This is going to be something that you will have to address because it is not a healthy relationship to have.

You will have to decide if what you are doing is good for you. Is it possible for you to have a healthy and loving relationship with two men at the same time? Are you going to be able to choose one over the other? These are things that you have to think about and then you have to think about them some more. You can be in love with two men at one time, but it is not something that you can act upon without getting yourself hurt.

Top reasons why we can fall in love with two people at the same time

It is possible to fall in love with two people at the same time. When you find that you are having feelings for two people at the same time, this can be a very difficult time. You may be having some feelings of love in the same way for these two people. This is going to be something that you will have to lay out on the table in front of you so that you can see where your feelings are coming from.

It is possible to be in a loving relationship and still find yourself having feelings for someone else. This is completely normal and it may just be temporary. Maybe this other person has done something nice for you or has shown you some kind of interest for one reason or another. This may trigger some emotional feelings towards this person and you may not understand why or how you can stop them.

There may be two people that are so very different from each other but for some reason they both have caught your attention and you like them for separate reasons. This is possible and you will have to come to terms with which one is going to be better for you. You must think about your feelings for both people and why you are having these feelings.

How do I determine which one is the right mate for me?

You may wander how you are ever going to decide between the two people. You will have to figure out which person is right for you. This will take a lot of thinking on your part. You will have to figure out what it is you want to have in life. What type of life do you want and which person will be better for you. You will have to spend some time with both of the people so that you can better determine which person you have more of a connection with.

Attraction is the main reason why people want to be together. They may have some sort of physical or emotional attraction for the other person. When this is the case, you have to dig down deeper and find out if there is another reason why you are so infatuated with this person. You will need to spend time together talking and finding out about one another so that you can better determine who is going to be best for you.

How do I make a wise decision without hurting both of them?

If you think that it is best to be open with both of the people that you are attracted to, you may find that this will end both relationships. Some may not take the news that you are in love with two people very well and they may decide to make the decision for you by ending it. If this is the case, you may have some relief knowing that the problem has now been solved and even though it is over, you may feel a little more relieved. This feeling may be one that you have anticipated for a long time.

There are some people that just decide it is impossible to choose between the two and it is a wise choice to let them both go. This is going to be a hard decision to make; however, in some cases, it is the only possible outcome. You cannot string someone along and make him or her wait for you because you cannot make up your mind. You may have a strong connection with both partners, but you know that it is wrong and you have to do the right thing.

The main thing that you need to remember is that you have to do what is best for you. It is important to make sure that you have your best interest in mind. You need to put yourself ahead of anyone else so that you can have it all and make all of your dreams come true.
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You made me laugh when I cried so hard
You gave me bracelets to cover my scars
You held me close when I was so cold
You offered a comforting hand to hold

You picked me up whenever I fell
You showed me heaven when I was blinded by hell
You answered my calls in the darkened night
You gave me the reasons to hold on and fight

You rescued me when I was drowning in pain
You placed me back on the right path again
You loved me forever and stayed by my side
You entered my heart as an angel to guide

You may not be with me so much anymore
But I know you will leave open a beckoning door
I miss you so much but I'll fight till the end
I love you so much my

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How to Tell if a Guy Likes you - Five Signs He's Interested

How can you tell if a guy likes you or is interested? You noticed him when you were standing and talking with a friend. You think he noticed you, but maybe it was your imagination or just wishful thinking. He looked at you at about the same time you saw him. Your eyes met for just a few seconds, and then you looked away. When you looked back up, he was talking with some other people. Was he watching you as you mingled? Or were you making that up? How can you tell if a guy likes you? Why are guys so hard to read?

Here are five signs that he is interested in you too. If any of the following happens, he is probably trying to get close enough to ask you out:

1. He tells someone

Is he interested? He likes you if he tells a mutual friend that he wants to know more about you, or he asks other people who you are and where you're from. He is trying to act like he's "just asking" but his questions indicate more than a casual interest. And when he tells someone that he finds you attractive, he probably knows that it will get back to you. He's hoping it does.

2. The look

He gives you a look that betrays his calm exterior. Even though he is across the room, "that look" he has says it all. It is sweeping, from your head to your toes, and then his eyes linger on yours. You think you notice the beginning of a tentative smile.

3. The conversation

Does he like you? When he manages to get close enough to you, to ask you questions, he is interested. He appears to be listening and responds to what you say. He's moving in to the ultimate question, which is: "Are you seeing anyone." He would only ask this question if he wanted to date you, and he hopes the answer is "No." Never ever wear a ring in public. When a guy is across the room, he cannot tell which finger it is on and he may assume incorrectly that you are taken. If he doesn't ask you the question of whether or not you are attached, he may ask someone whom you both know.

4. He appears unexpectedly

He likes you a lot if he shows up out of nowhere. He can only do that if he has been asking people about your schedule, or he has been paying attention to where you are going and at what time. His face may turn red when he sees you. A sudden, "Oh, hi," is his way of saying, "I don't want to seem obvious, but I am interested in you." If you feel the same way, do not act shy. Stop and talk to him.

5. EVERYONE likes you

Is he interested? When you are well liked and a happy person, why wouldn't he like you? Of course he does. If you don't have a great life, however, now is your time to start working on one. Take a look at your career possibilities, body image, future, plans, and resources. You may be naturally talented at something, but it won't matter unless you work on your strengths. Misused or unused talents fade away. School and training do not.

These are the five signs that he is interested and he is on the verge of asking you out. Make it easy for him and be friendly. This is where relationships begin.

Do you want to know more secrets about how to attract men? Do you know how to dress, what to say, what to do, and the body language to use when you go out? Do you know the 5 steps to take to meet any guy anywhere? Read on to discover all the secrets to having all the dates you want in How To Attract Men: Secrets Every Woman Should Know
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How to Talk Dirty to Men

Dirty talk is a type of pillow talk. You use vivid words to augment sexual enjoyment before and during the lovemaking.

Talking dirty to men can be anything from giving him insults, vivid images using slang words, to whispering curse expressions to your guy's ear.

If you feel timid about it, don't be; only the two of you who will be aware of it.

The more you'll let go, the better you will be. Your couple's life should be hot and wild. It's a form of "sense of adventure" that you are giving to your guy.

You might say that you are a "good girl" and you don't do those things. Well here is my take on this; if you have preferences in bed, and your spouse is giving enough to fulfill them, maybe I can do my part.

Some guys find it makes them hornier. You can harvest the rewards from this lover's game. It makes you feel sexier because you are seeing your man enjoy himself due to your influence. You are providing your guy more excitement.

Lovemaking is at its best when you let go; abandon yourself to the other person is a joyful experience.
Some women use this not only in the bedroom, but in their husband's e-mail or work's voice mail.

Your guy gets excited to get home and gives you a nice "reward".

What is the top thing to say when talking dirty to men?

1. Tell him what you're wearing under your clothing.
2. Put on sexy lingerie and give him a tiny peek when he first sees you. It'll drive him mad to want to see more of your outfit all night...until you allow him to see more.
3. Leave him a voice message when he is away
4. at a gathering
5. at your parent's house when you go by him
6. right before parting for work
7. Email him some sassy notes
8. Fax it to him
9. Throw hot little texts on his cell phone while is at a sports game with his buddies

It will heat up if you are talking dirty to men at unusual places like:

1. Your parent's house
2. at the food store
3. at church?...ok...ok...after church

When is the most excellent timing for this during lovemaking?

From the mid to the end.

You start by telling a physical move that he has made to you and that you had enjoyed. Don't worry about feeling embarrassed; he will be more paying attention in the images that you are creating in his imagination.

Are you concerned that you won't be excellent at this?

Guys are not hard to light up. It doesn't take a great deal for them to get turned on.

If you feel uncomfortable, get some help with a glass or two of wine... Just to break the ice. But please! Don't develop a drinking problem!

Having trouble "getting it up"? Talking dirty to men might be able to help.

Use this once in a while; they can get too enthusiastic to this. in addition, some men can be a bit turned off or uncomfortable with you unexpectedly starting to talk dirty to them.

You can propose to him to do the alike and it will balance the dynamics.

You can get swear words at the Urban dictionary. It is a slang dictionary. You'll be able to get different variations of a slang word.

For instance, let's find a variation of breast; there is boobie, nipples, boobs, funbags, just to show a few. Use it to your imagination. Have fun!
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Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Whether you and your boyfriend have been dating for three months or three years, he deserves to have a wonderful present from you whenever he celebrates his birthday.

Well-thought out gifts are always a great way to show your affection and love for your boyfriend. Some men may not be as open emotionally as women, but your boyfriend surely could not resist giving you a kiss or a hug in exchange of all the time and effort that you put into finding the perfect birthday present for him.

Here are some great and romantic gift ideas to give the most special man in your life on his birthday:

1. Something romantic.

A birthday present does not always have to be something expensive. Be creative in thinking of a romantic birthday gift
for your boyfriend. If he has always given you flowers before, why don't you return the favor by giving him a dozen red roses? It will make him remember you as the only girl who ever gave him roses for his birthday.

A little effort would go a long way, too. Cook him his favorite dish and invite him over for a romantic picnic or dinner. Bake him a birthday cake, invite his friends over and surprise him with a birthday party.

Shower him with love notes, or make his entire day special by giving him a different gift in the morning, noon and at night. Be creative in thinking of something fun, romantic and special to give him a birthday that he is not likely to forget.

2. Something that he wants.

If your special someone is into gadgets, give him that game gadget or music player that he is always talking about. If he is a car enthusiast, get him a great car accessory. Or, rent a sports vehicle or his dream car for him to drive on his birthday. Go out and spend a day indulging in the sport that he just loves.

3. Something naughty.

Glow-in-the-dark boxer shorts are a sure-fire way to tickle his fancy. An intimate yet funny gift will remind him of the intimate moments that you shared together as a couple.

4. Something nice and traditional.

A gift basket
with all the things that he likes on one delightful package also makes for a great birthday present for your boyfriend's birthday. A basketful of chocolates or wine is a wonderful birthday present.

If he is an executive, get him an expensive tie, cute cuff links or a nice wristwatch. Give him a set of his favorite cologne, perfume and aftershave. If he loves sailing, get him an antique compass that he can use.

5. Something that says "I love you."

You can literally give him an item with the message of how you feel. Give him a keychain for his car and house keys with an engraved message. Even small items like this would make your boyfriend feel special.

Remember that it is not always the cost that counts when giving out presents for your boyfriend on his birthday.

A well-thought out gift that would remind your boyfriend of how special he is to you will send out the right message on his birthday

About the Author

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the latest in Special Occasions. For more information
Boyfriend Birthday Present

please drop by at

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