Kamis, 14 Mei 2009

How Love Can Make You More Beautiful

Ever heard of the saying “love makes the world go round”? It may be true, but do you believe that love Rata Penuhmakes a person more beautiful?

Ask any beauty icon about her beauty secret and she will tell you that how a woman feels inside shows outside. In truth, a person who feels loved and in love will have a different aura. They refer to this as a “gleam in one’s eye or a glow in one’s cheeks”, and is something that improves a person‘s appearance.

It is not necessary for a person to feel the “man and woman” type of love to be beautiful: it can be filial love or love for anything. What is important is that you have a powerful feeling that transforms heaven and earth and a person’s sense of well-being.

Imagine how you would look if you possess the knowledge that no one cares for you or loves you: this depressed feeling can make you want to frown and look depressed and/or angry.

On the contrary, a person who feels that he is loved by his family, his friends or by a special someone, will have a face that speaks of serenity, peace and happiness.

The glow of love does not only create a glow in one’s heart but it also creates a glow in one’s face and reflects how a person views the world around him. A lighter feeling inside can result in a lighter face and a happy disposition that will improve one’s appearance.

Haven’t you noticed that almost all women look their prettiest on their wedding day? Despite the pressure and the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, a woman will still look beautiful on her wedding day. They call it the glow of love.

It may be the rush of adrenalin that gives people who are in love a special glow that makes their eyes sparkle, or their smiles brighter. It is often referred to as an inner beauty that is reflected in one’s appearance.

A person who feels loved or who is in love will have more self esteem than an ordinary person. This self esteem can give a person a beautiful glow that exudes more confident when facing others and in doing his daily tasks.

A person who exerts a great deal of effort to do the most mundane tasks will probably become happier doing those tasks when he is in love. Consequently work is accomplished more easily.

While beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, true beauty is in the eyes of a person in love.
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Kamis, 07 Mei 2009

How to Get Lover Back After a Bad Break Up!

You have just gone through a bad break up with your lover and you are still in love with them. This may be your first break up or one of many you have had in your life, but this one is the worst. You don't want to move on to another relationship, you want to know how to get lover back.

You may think your situation is hopeless, but the good news is that around 90% of all relationship breakups can be saved. The bad news is that your relationship with your ex lover will not repair itself.

It will take a lot of effort from you and you will also need a good plan. I will tell you later about a proven plan that works somewhat like magic to get your lover back. It is called onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/article_exit_link');" href="http://www.ways-to-get-ex-back.com/" target="_blank" title="Learn More About ">"The Magic Love Recipe" and I will tell you more about this plan at the bottom of this article.

First, I will give you three simple tips on how to get lover back that you can use until you get a plan.

1. Reason For Break Up.

You should try to understand what were the reasons for the break up. You need to make sure you are able to move past the reasons and any unresolved issues.

Whatever the problems were you need to find out how to either accept or deal with the problems or find out how it can be fixed. In "The Magic Love Recipe" is a unique strategy called 'The Clean Slate Method'. By using the combination of the "Clean Slate Method" and "breaking the pattern" you can quickly and easily take away the hurtful things you both said to each other and work on the reasons for the break up.

2. Placing Blame.

Blaming your ex lover is another thing a lot of people do and they try to make their ex feel guilty. Why would a person ever want to be around you if you are trying to make them feel guilty?

It doesn't matter how the break up happened. If you want to get your lover back you can't worry about whose fault it was. You are trying to get ex lover back not get even with them. Be nice.

3. Get A Plan Now!

If you really want to get back together with your ex lover, you're going to need a comprehensive plan. You need a plan that has proven strategies that has worked for couples like you. It's a lot easier to get your lover back when you have a plan.

Ask yourself a simple question: Do you want your lover back?

If the answer is "yes", you need to discover real strategies so you can get them back. Where can you find the proven strategies on how to get lover back?

There is help! I have mentioned a couple of times the proven plan that works a little like magic to get a lover back, "The Magic Love Recipe". This great plan is in the excellent e-book titled "The Magic of Making Up".

The unconventional strategies in "The Magic Love Recipe" have helped over 6,000 people to get back together in happy relationships. This could be the of the best ways to get ex back for you.

I hope this article has been helpful and it will encourage you to get a plan on how to get lover back. Whether you get "The Magic Love Recipe" plan or another one, YOU NEED A PLAN!

Remember if you want to get your lover back, determine the reasons for the break up, don't place blame, be positive, but most of all, do get a proven plan on how to get lover back!


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If you are really want to know how to get lover back now is the time to take action. You can get the proven plan for ways to get ex back that will help you to get back into a happier relationship than before!

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Rabu, 06 Mei 2009

Do Not Let A Broken Heart Break Your Spirit

I know that love has you on your knees right now. I want to help you up, and get you back on your feet again. I have been there myself, but I know a better way to handle this situation...want to learn more? OK, If you're ready to listen I am ready to explain,

why you don't have to let a broken heart break your spirit as well.

A Broken Heart Does Not Have to Equal A Broken Spirit

The first thing you have to understand is this, everyone has, or will have their heart broken. This is a fact of life, just like living, and dying...But! You don't have to let the facts of life weigh on your mind, and rob you of the rest of your life...OK? This a choice plain and simple...nothing else. We didn't ask to be born, and we never know when were going to die. I believe that our destinies are very flexible, and can be altered at anytime we choose a different path to take. This is much like our love destinies, we can change them, if we choose to take action.

The big problem that we all run into when our hearts get broken is self pity, and hopelessness. These two things cloud our minds, and vision so it is hard to see which path to take, so we sit there and weep. And then when you finally decide to make a move, you move forward with doubts, and fears. These things will break your spirit, and your will to fight. Nothing in this life worth having comes without a fight, we have to be ready to fight for things we want in this world, or we will leave this world lonely and broken hearted. Make yourself aware of the seduction of self-pity and fight it. Don't let a broken heart, break your spirit as well.

A Broken Heart Does Not Have to Equal A Broken Life

The longer your spirit remains broken, the more you risk leading a broken life. The more bitterness, and doubt that we embrace as humans, the more tainted we become. Soon, everything has a bitter taste, and we hide our hearts away, where love will never find them again...Why? Because our broken spirit has lead us to believe it is better to be lonely and bitter the rest of our lives, then it is to risk a broken heart once again. Looks like self-pity, fear, and doubt have done their work well, Huh?

Now you find yourself at a crossroad in life...which way are you going to turn? Which path will you take? Are you going to walk towards the bright light of the future possibilities? Or will you stay where you are? Or worst yet, allow yourself to sink back into the past, and relive your pain over and over again? People can only point the way, you have to have enough faith in yourself to follow the right path. The easiest path is usually always the one that will hurt you the most. But because it requires no risk, most people always choose that one. Will you be brave enough to follow the right path? It may be long, hard, and scary...but focus on what is waiting for you at the end of it.

The only thing that is worst then having your dreams stolen away from you, is to give them away without a fight. What can I do to help you heal your broken heart? Write me, and let me know...OK? If you have any comments, or questions for me please write them on my Blog in the comment box and I will answer them ASAP.

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