Rabu, 06 Mei 2009

Do Not Let A Broken Heart Break Your Spirit

I know that love has you on your knees right now. I want to help you up, and get you back on your feet again. I have been there myself, but I know a better way to handle this situation...want to learn more? OK, If you're ready to listen I am ready to explain,

why you don't have to let a broken heart break your spirit as well.

A Broken Heart Does Not Have to Equal A Broken Spirit

The first thing you have to understand is this, everyone has, or will have their heart broken. This is a fact of life, just like living, and dying...But! You don't have to let the facts of life weigh on your mind, and rob you of the rest of your life...OK? This a choice plain and simple...nothing else. We didn't ask to be born, and we never know when were going to die. I believe that our destinies are very flexible, and can be altered at anytime we choose a different path to take. This is much like our love destinies, we can change them, if we choose to take action.

The big problem that we all run into when our hearts get broken is self pity, and hopelessness. These two things cloud our minds, and vision so it is hard to see which path to take, so we sit there and weep. And then when you finally decide to make a move, you move forward with doubts, and fears. These things will break your spirit, and your will to fight. Nothing in this life worth having comes without a fight, we have to be ready to fight for things we want in this world, or we will leave this world lonely and broken hearted. Make yourself aware of the seduction of self-pity and fight it. Don't let a broken heart, break your spirit as well.

A Broken Heart Does Not Have to Equal A Broken Life

The longer your spirit remains broken, the more you risk leading a broken life. The more bitterness, and doubt that we embrace as humans, the more tainted we become. Soon, everything has a bitter taste, and we hide our hearts away, where love will never find them again...Why? Because our broken spirit has lead us to believe it is better to be lonely and bitter the rest of our lives, then it is to risk a broken heart once again. Looks like self-pity, fear, and doubt have done their work well, Huh?

Now you find yourself at a crossroad in life...which way are you going to turn? Which path will you take? Are you going to walk towards the bright light of the future possibilities? Or will you stay where you are? Or worst yet, allow yourself to sink back into the past, and relive your pain over and over again? People can only point the way, you have to have enough faith in yourself to follow the right path. The easiest path is usually always the one that will hurt you the most. But because it requires no risk, most people always choose that one. Will you be brave enough to follow the right path? It may be long, hard, and scary...but focus on what is waiting for you at the end of it.

The only thing that is worst then having your dreams stolen away from you, is to give them away without a fight. What can I do to help you heal your broken heart? Write me, and let me know...OK? If you have any comments, or questions for me please write them on my Blog in the comment box and I will answer them ASAP.

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