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How To Turn Friends To Lovers?

I think of myself as a BIG fan of romantic relationship that evolves out of deep friendship and yours would be no exception. That said, there is a risk to crossing over from fellowship to romantic couple. For one thing, your fiance may not require the friendship to switch. She may love you like a friend, but not have feelings that run deeper. Eventually, some couples make great friends and pathetic lovers.

On the flipside, there are lots of benefits of moving a fellowship to a romantic relationship. One advantage is that you both already know the good, the bad and the repellent about one another. I am assuming by your question this hasn't happened yet.
A love worth experiencing is a love worth a risk. To me this suggests taking a leap into the dark and get out of the friend zone. To find out if your girl is interested in taking the comradeship to a different level you're going to need to ask her. You might plan a trip for the 2 of you, which would give you an advantage of pointing out how well you both get along and how vital she is in your life. A trip would give you the added advantage, should a romance be on the horizon, of making a chance to become more than friends and move the friendship to intimacy.
If planning a trip is a little overwhelming, make it a day trip. The 1st part of the day is when the 2 of you can do something fun and venturesome and the evening can be a dinner that is nice and quiet. As she agrees to your points and discoveries, you can take the largest risk and tell her how much you appreciate her in your life, how you've come to realize she's the right girl, and you want to chase these emotions. Her reply will tell you all that you need to understand in order to define if the closeness is prepared to go to the next level.

For more information on how to get out of the friend zone, check out this personal blog.
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