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Getting Married in August

Attention brides! August is fast approaching, so if you are planning on getting married in August then you'd better get to going. August weddings call for certain types of colors, flowers, decorations, theme, and the like that are different than summer weddings. Read the article below to learn how to plan the perfect wedding with these August wedding ideas.

August is unique in that it is the last full summer month. August also carries with it a hint of fall. Colors that are very spicy and bright work very well for August weddings. Mexican fiesta colors such as fuschia, brown, orange, goldenrod, paprika, and white are all the ones that you want to consider for an August wedding. Your wedding flowers can be any combination of these colors and your bridesmaids dresses should be only one of these main colors. Then you can accent the bridesmaid dresses with different colors of bridesmaid jewelry. Your bridal jewelry can also match your bridesmaids jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets all with pearls or crystals would compliment any bridesmaid or bridal dress.

The ideal flowers for a late summer wedding in August are flowers than bloom in the summer but have fall colors in them. If you can't choose a specific flower, Zennias are perfect as well as are sunflowers, mums, and asters. These flowers can be a part of your bridesmaids bouquets and also be as decorations at your receptions or wedding backdrop.

For your wedding cake, nothing says fall like chocolate. Decorate your August wedding cake with bright flowers and fall colors to really show of your August wedding theme.
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