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3 Tips for Planning a Once-In-A Lifetime Wedding Day

A wedding day is a sacred day of exchanging vows and committing to a lifetime of devotion to each other. For these reasons it is very special. Because of all of the details involved, it is supposed to be planned at least months ahead with planning and consultations made for each of the important events within the ceremony and reception. The planning is there to ensure that the wedding details are prepared and that everything is perfect for your special day.

Of course there would not be any wedding guests if you did not send out your wedding invitations. In today’s modern times, many couples simply invite prospective guests through e-mail, text, and other electronic gadgets. However, the traditional and much preferred method is to send out elegantly detailed and crafted wedding invitations. An invitation reflects the days’ anticipated events as well as the design, mood, and colors for the wedding reception.

Inviting people through e-mail makes it hard to enjoy the thrill of making the time to design and prepare a beautifully crafted invitation letter. They can show the list of events that will take place and announce the people who will be a part of the ceremony. People who receive such an invitation are glad to commit to your wedding celebration. Your wedding invitations indirectly show your commitment to the marriage and to the joy that you share with your fiancé. It shows that you spared the time and effort to show your prospective guests that you want to make the wedding special so it will stand-out.

Therefore, the first tip in planning and ensuring the success of your wedding day is to send out custom-crafted and preferably personalized copies of your wedding invitations. Firstly, this would leave a good impression on your prospective guests and would be vital for making them want to commit and attend the celebration. Secondly, this would inform them of the nature of the event and to give them an idea of what to expect as far as the overall theme.

The second tip to ensuring total wedding success is to personalize the event. Improve upon the classic version of a wedding to make yours even more special and extravagant. Develop and utilize a theme and a wedding order of service that effectively showcases both of your personalities. Perhaps you could choose to adopt a gingerbread wedding theme if you are to be wed around the holidays and both enjoy candies and sweets. It would certainly be unique and customized to the time of year. It would also leave you guests in awe.

The third tip has much to do with hiring a wedding organizer or a planner. Leaving yourself the burden of planning is too much. You should leave some space for yourself to enjoy the day and not have to worry about entertainment or other details. You should leave someone reliable in charge of maintaining the flow of the program so that transitioning from one activity to another is seamless. You do not necessarily have to hire a professional, but they would certainly ensure that the wedding order of service would get done the right way.
Libby M. Waters

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Libby is a wedding planner and designer as well as an expert in wedding favours, invitations, and table decor. She shares her expertise with readers and clients all over the world and has become a trusted resource for wedding event planning and design.
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